Company Profile

Who we are

Consepsys are the Document Control Professionals.


We are the worldwide leader in professional best practices in Document Control.


We play a central, global and active role in disseminating and collecting the very best practices around the world.


We promote strong values and a responsible Document Control approach, attitude and philosophy, which carefully take into account safety, business, project, engineering and quality considerations.


Consepsys was founded in 2010.


Our Services

Document Control Training Courses


Training of individuals and companies to Document Control processes, best practices & knowledge.


Document Control Certification


We have developed the only professional certification program to certify the knowledge of Document Control professionals.


Consultancy Services and Support 


We provide consultancy services for the audit, implementation and running of efficient and fit-for-purpose Document Control systems, including procedures, processes, tools and software packages.



Our headquarters are in London, United Kingdom but we travel around the world to deliver our training, certification programs and consultancy services.


Consepsys Limited

The Broadgate Tower - 12th floor

20 Primrose street



United Kingdom



We travel to where you are!

We currently offer Document Control Training Courses in the United Kingdom (London and Aberdeen), Singapore, Perth, Brisbane, Kuala Lumpur, Houston, Amsterdam, Dubai, Vancouver, Toronto, Jakarta, Manila.


We can also provide in-company training in your offices, wherever you are in the world, provided you have several participants who can attend.


And finally, we have e-learning options for those of you who are far from one of our locations, or those of you who can't be off work for several days!

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