Certification Examination


The Certification Examination sessions test and certify the knowledge, competencies and transferability of skills.

There are two different levels of certification:

Level1 : The Document Control Certification Examination


This examination tests:

- Document control skills

- Understanding of the role and environment of the Document Controller

- Skills in terms of interfaces and professional ethics


Level2 :  Lead Document Control Certification Examination


This examination tests ability to:

- Manage a team

- Calculate workload

- Organise tasks and workload

- Communicate plan with management and teams


3 hours






£ 220

€ 240


Included in the course fee if you attend the course before the exam

Other Currency


If booked with course (DCC or DCM)

FREE (1 exam)

US Dollars

USD 290

Singapore Dollars

SGD 375

Malaysian Ringgits

MYR 1050

Australian Dollars

AUD 390  


EUR 240  

Canadian Dollars

CAD 370


Our professional certification programme is a unique framework to assess the knowledge and competencies of participants.


It has been run and taken up by major companies (have a look at the list of some of our clients who have taken up our certification programme,

The fee for the certification examination is included in the DCC and DCM training courses (1 exam take).


To attend the examination, it is highly recommended to first attend the relevant course as it prepares participants for the exam:

It is however possible to register to the examination only 


  • Important Note: Examination candidates for the Lead Document Controller level must have obtained a pass mark at the Document Controller Level before they are allowed to take the examination for DCM.




Individual 3-hour certification examination:

  • An Examination Pass Certificate is awarded to participants who successfully passes the exam (obtaining a pass mark)


Results and pass certificates (if applicable) are sent within 1 to 2 weeks after the examination session.

What happens if I don't get a pass mark?

In case of a participant not obtaining a pass mark, it is possible for the participants to re-sit the exam at the next available session.

Who designed the certification programme?

Our professional certificates are authorized and designed by Consepsys Limited, and are a unique framework to assess the knowledge and competencies of participants.


It has been run and taken up by major companies (you can find a list of some of our clients who have taken up our certification programme).


Consepsys is world leading provider of Document Control courses. We are the internationally recognised certification body for Document Controllers.


How is it useful?

Many have learnt Document Control on the job, with no formal training to help them assess if what they are doing is the right thing or not, and without the necessary background explanations to understand the reasons behind the specifics of the Document Control discipline.

In this environment, many companies have expressed the need to have the knowledge of their current and future employees checked and validated by us: we test and certify that participants have the understanding and competencies to execute the tasks, understand the discipline and its requirements, as well as arbitrate in case of difficult/not typical situations.


Payment methods:

  • Debit or Credit Card
  • Bank Transfer
  • Paypal

Payment terms:

  • Enrolment is confirmed upon receipt of full payment of the course fee
  • Payment is due within 7 days after registration and issuance of invoice
  • If you would like to pay by instalment, let us know when you enrol - please note that the full course fee will have to be paid before the course


It is recommended to attend the relevant course before attending the examination session:

DCC - Certified Document Controller Training Course

DCM - Certified Lead Document Controller Training Course