Consepsys Document Control Grades©

What are the Consepsys Document Control Grades?

Consepsys are the world leaders in Document Control best practices.


Our consultants travel around the world every year. They play a central, global and active role in disseminating and collecting the very best practices around the world.


Our consultants have worked with thousands of professionals:

  • from over 90 countries
  • from over 60 activity sectors & industries
  • across 19 timezones 
  • on all continents

The Consepsys Document Control Grades© have been developed as a result of this extensive exposure. 




The purpose of the Consepsys Document Control Grades© is:

  • To provide a world-wide common framework for Document Control grade levels, across all activity sectors and industries
  • To be used as a guideline to define profiles required for each grade 
  • To provide guidance to recruiters and employers on the different levels of proficiency and experience in the Document Control discipline
  • To help Document Control professionals in the recognition of their level of professional development and career advancement
  • To support the learning objectives and career development plan of Document Control professionals

The Consepsys Document Control Grades© are part of our many initiatives aimed to promoting the Document Control profession and at improving its credibility and recognition. 

Grade Levels

The grades give guidance on the experience, skills and exposure required for each type of role, including:

  • Assistant Document Controller
  • Document Controller - Tier 1
  • Document Controller - Tier 2
  • Senior Document Controller
  • Principal Document Controller
  • Lead Document Controller

Download the Consepsys Document Control Grades©:

Consepsys Document Control Grades©
By Consepsys - The Document Control Professionals
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