Who we are


Consepsys is the worldwide leader in professional best practices in Document Control.


We are a consultancy specialising in Document Control, and the worldwide leading provider of Document Control training courses, certification and publications.


We play a central, global and active role in disseminating and collecting the very best practices around the world.


We promote strong values and a responsible Document Control approach, attitude and philosophy, which carefully take into account safety, business, project, engineering and quality considerations.

Why choose Consepsys

1.  Consepsys is the world leading provider of Document Control courses


2.  We are the internationally recognised certification body for Document Controllers.


3.  We have Best Practices at heart: we are relentless promoters, collectors and disseminators of Best Practices around the world.


4.  We promote strong values and responsible Document Control approach, attitude and philosophy, which carefully take into account safety, business, project, engineering and quality considerations. 


5.  We have trained thousands of professionals, from 112+ countries, 65+ activity sectors & industries, 22 timezones and all continents.


6.  Consepsys is based in the UK, but our training courses and certification programme is delivered worldwide to over 112 countries.


7.  Our courses and certification have been adopted by a significantly large number of internationally renowned organisations (Client References)


8. Client Satisfaction is our priority and we are very proud of the glowing reviews we receive from our clients.

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What we do