Online Course Modules (e-learning)

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E-Learning modules on Document Control subjects:

  • 3-hour web-based modules on selected subjects
  • Self-paced: study when you can and where you can
  • Fully flexible: each module can be booked individually
  • You can buy 1 module only, combine them (mix and match), or buy all the modules: it's up to you!



 Module 1: Introduction to Document Control 

  • Document Control Definition
  • The Role of the Document Controller
  • Types of Documents
  • Document Control Process
  • Document Control Tasks

Duration: 3 Hours 

Fee: £ 105| $ 150 | € 125Other

Level: Basic / Fundamental

Course Code: EDC1



 Module 2: Project Document Control

  • Flow of Documentation on a Project
  • Project Specifics
  • Client & Contractor
  • Lifecycle of Project Document
  • Document Delivery & Approval

Duration: 3 Hours

Fee: £ 105| $ 150 | € 125Other

Level: Basic / Fundamental / Intermediate

Course Code: EDC2



Module 3: Document Control Risks & Benefits

  • How to manage the risks related to poor documentation management
  • What are these risks?
  • Examples of Incidents related to poor document management
  • Main measures to mitigate these risks: lessons learnt & best practices
  • Benefits of a controlled Documentation system

Duration: 3 Hours 

Fee: £ 105| $ 150 | € 125Other

Level: Basic / Fundamental / Intermediate

       Course Code: EDC3


Module 4: EDMS Implementation

  • EDMS* Project Definition
  • Selecting the appropriate EDMS*
  • Development, Design & Set-up
  • Document & Data Migration
  • Deployment plan

(*) EDMS = Electronic Document Management Software Package


Duration: 3 Hours 

Fee: £ 105| $ 150 | € 125Other

Level: Advanced

Course Code: EDC4



Module 5: Document Control Audits

  • Audit Criteria
  • Audit Preparation
  • On-site Activities
  • Audit Report
  • Follow-up

Duration: 3 Hours 

Fee: £ 105| $ 150 | € 125Other

Level: Advanced

Course Code: EDC5



  • certificate of completion is sent by email immediately upon completion of the module
  • Assessment is done through online tests and checks  



  • No formal qualification or experience required


  • Courses are delivered in English: a functional level in English language is recommended


  • It's up to you!
  • Accessible 24/7
  • Start whenever you are ready
  • Self-paced: start, pause, go back, go ahead at your own pace


  • Wherever you are! The course is online!

How long?


  • Course Module duration is 3 hours but it is self-paced: you can take your time to go through it!

Course Fee

Cost per module:





£ 105

€ 125


Other currencies:

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SGD  195

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EUR  125

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USD  150

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CAD  180

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  1. Register here
  2. Upon payment receipt, we send your account details within 2 working days
  3. You access your course on our online e-learning platform
  • Note:
    • The course material is online only
    • You have an initial period of 1 month to complete the course. This can be renewed as many times as you need to complete the course

How do I pay?


You have several options:

  • Debit or Credit Card
  • Bank Transfer
  • Paypal

Client References


Feedback from course participants:



Kirsten, Document Controller in Australia, attended the EDC 1 and said: 


Easy to understand, useful, basic introduction to Document Control"


Lilian, Document Controller in the United Kingdom, attended the EDC 4 and said:


" A good short course with the all the steps for an new EDMS implementation"


Norma, Document Controller in Canada, attended the EDC 5 and said:


" Excellent training ! I have learned a lot"


Is it the same as the 'Certified Document Controller' Training Course?

Please note that these courses are different from the Certified Courses & Exam which have to be done face-to-face.


The e-learning courses are beneficial to:

- get an introduction to Document Control (Modules 1 to 3)

- learn more on specific Document Control subjects (Modules 3 to 5)


E-learning courses & Face-to-Face courses are actually quite complementary: do they do not cover the same scope.


The Certification Examination is only delivered in a face-to-face setting.


Links to Certified Courses: