Project Document Control (EDC2)

Self-Paced Webinar


In this webinar, we cover the fundamental specifics of Document Control on projects.

  • What are the specifics of project Document Control?
  • What is the typical flow of documentation on projects?
  • Relation between Client & Contractor / Subcontractors / Vendors
  • Lifecycle of project documents

 This webinar is both for:

  • Beginners in Document Control who wish to acquire initial fundamental awareness about this topic
  • Document Control Professionals who learnt on the job and who wish to develop fundamental awareness about the specifics of Document Control on projects.
  • Experienced Non-Project Document Controllers who wish to develop fundamental awareness about the specifics of Document Control on projects
  • Any person who wishes to gain a fundamental understanding of specifics of Document Control on projects

Important: This self-paced webinar is not part of the curriculum to achieve certification 


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How long?

  • The webinar is designed so that it takes participants about 3 hours to complete both theory and practice.

How much?





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1. Introduction to Project Document Control

Specifics of Project work environment (as opposed to non-project work environment)


2. Typical Flow of Documentation on Projects

Project Stakeholders; Deliverables; Typical flow of documents


3. Document Control: Project Specifics

Specifics of Project Document Control; Agreement on Document Control Rules (Numbering, revision system, templates, transmittal)


4. Client & Contractor

Roles of Client & Contractors in Projects; Gate keeping; Interactions between Client & Contractor


5. Transmittal Sheets

Transmitting documents on Projects; Use & Requirements for Transmittal Sheets; Quality checks upon receipt


6. Delivery & Approval

Deliverable lifecycle; Approval steps; Return Codes / Acceptance Codes


7. Master Deliverable Register (MDR)

What is a Master Deliverable Register (MDR); How is it used on projects?


8. Introduction to As-Built

What is an As-Built document?

What are the specifics about the As-Built package ?

What is the role of Document Control during the As-Built phase

This webinar includes checks of understanding at the end of each section.


Evidence of completion

 An attestation of completion is provided after completion of the webinar.



  • No formal qualification or experience required
  • Webinars are in English language: a functional level in English language is recommended

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A few feedback from participants:




"I would recommend the course to anyone who has basic knowledge in Document Control and further. Easy to follow and broken down to manageable modules. The instructor is very clear and the information is perfect... not too much and not too little :) " 



United States

"The course was very educational in regards to process. Especially the AS-Built section of the course. It was explained very well."



United States

"Very concisely and easily delivered. It was a true test of what I already know about project document control. I will definitely recommend this module for my new document controllers."





"Very interesting course for me as a Project Document Control"




"As a Document Controller I need to be updatable, this course is very important to put Documents Controller on track"




"Good overview of the role of a Project Document Controller.  The course serves as a good introduction as well as a good refresher to those in the field"