Document Control Audits (EDC5)

Self-Paced Webinar


In this webinar, we cover the steps required to run a Document Control Audit (internal or external).

  • What is an Audit and what does it entail?
  • What are the steps of a Document Control Audit?
  • How to run an Document Control Audit?

 This webinar is both for:

  • Document Control Professionals who wish to gain an understanding of what a Document Control Audit is, and what are the steps to run one
  • Professionals planning an audit on Document Control Systems
  • Document Controllers who wish to grow their knowledge in this area
  • Any person who wish to gain a better understanding of Document Control Audits

Important: This self-paced webinar is not part of the curriculum to achieve certification 


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How long?

  • The webinar is designed so that it takes participants about 3 hours to complete both theory and practice.

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1. Audit Fundamentals & Principles 

What is an audit? What are the different types of audits?

What is a Document Control audit?

What are the objectives of an audit?


2. Document Control Audits Criteria

Elements of the Document Control Systems;

Investigation and Document Control Audit;

ISO 9001 Audit on Document Control;

Case Study


3. Phases of an Audit

What are the phases of an audit? What do they entail?


4. Audit Preparation

Selection of the audit team; Audit objectives, scope and criteria; Audit plan; Communication with auditee


5. On-Site Activities

Audit Work documents; Information gathering; Evidences gathering and Analysing; Audit findings & conclusions


6. Audit Report

Content of the Audit report: Non-conformity items; NCR (Non-Confirmity Report); Corrective actions


7. Audit Follow-Up

What are the Audit follow-up activities?


This webinar includes checks of understanding at the end of each section.


Evidence of completion

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  • No formal qualification or experience required
  • Webinars are in English language: a functional level in English language is recommended

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A few feedback from participants:




United States

"Excellent training! I have learned a lot and please let me know if you have new courses in the near future. Thanks  "





"Accurate, clear and well delivered understanding of audit process"





"This course well explained each phase of the audit and provided enough information to conduct one on its own! "





"This is useful and essential for Document Controllers.   Based on this course they can enhance their position."





"A detailed overview on document control audit. I can now apply this knowledge gained in my other audit roles in the engineering department."





"I have learnt the main principles of Document Control Audits easily through this course which will lead me to implement and follow up in my current job!"