Excel for Document Controllers - Fundamentals - Level 1A (EXL 1A)

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In this course module, we cover fundamental Excel skills for Document Control professionals. We use a case study: How to build a Document Register from scratch


This course targets an audience of Document Controllers who consider themselves as beginners in the use of Microsoft Excel.


Excel is an important tool of Document Controllers. It is important for Document Controllers to develop competencies in Excel that can boost their performance and raise their profile.


Important: This self-paced webinar is not part of the curriculum to achieve certification


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The course guides the learner in the building of a Excel-based Document Register from the ground up.


As the register is developed, the course introduces features of Excel, the knowledge of which is an essential competency for Document Controllers.


At the end of the course, the learner will know how to:


01) Format text, numbers and dates

02) Rename sheets

03) Build table borders

04) Select multiple, non adjacent cells

05) Create new sheets

06) Change and specify the width of columns and change the height of rows

07) Freeze panes to keep certain rows and columns visible at all times

08) Show only the latest revision of documents in a register

09) Implement dropdown lists to populate cells

10) Operate various options for selecting and copying in Excel

11) Install data filters in a table

12) Use data filters to perform document searches

13) Create a register from scratch


Evidence of completion

 An attestation of completion is provided after completion of the webinar.


What is the target audience of this module?

  • The EXL-1A module (Fundamental level) is targeted to:
    • Beginners in Excel who wish to learn the basics.
    • Users who can use and populate Excel documents, but who have never had the opportunity to design, to modify, and to improve Excel Document Control tools.
    • Users who know no Excel formulas or just a few Excel formulas, and who wish to learn a few useful formulas for Document Controllers.
    • Beginners who wish to learn basic tricks for formatting cells, re-sizing cells.
    • Users who wish to learn to create dropdown lists, to filter data and to perform document searches.


  • No formal qualification or experience required
  • Courses are delivered in English: a functional level in English language is recommended
  • You will need access to a computer, with MS Excel (2007 and later versions) installed

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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How long?

  • The course is designed so that it takes participants about 3 hours to complete both theory and practice

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