Excel for Document Controllers - Intermediate - Level 2C (EXL 2C)

Self-Paced Online Course


In this course module, we cover intermediate Excel skills for Document Control professionals. We use case studies: how to improve the operability, the ergonomics and the exploitability of Excel-based Document Control tools.


This course targets Document Controllers with intermediate Excel skills – who are not familiar with macro programming


It also is a natural progression for users who consider themselves as beginners and who have already completed courses EXL-1A - “Excel for Document Controllers - Level 1A” and EXL-2B - “Excel for Document Controllers - Level 2B”.


Important: This self-paced webinar is not part of the curriculum to achieve certification


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This course further advances the Excel techniques that allow Document Controllers to step up their game by:

  • Harnessing the power of basic programming using macros to dramatically reduce repetitive clicking & manual operations
  • Creating intelligent dropdown lists that change depending on pre-specified categories
  • Automating transmittal numbers using clever date formatting techniques
  • Building automatic data look-up to search through large tables / matrices.

At the end of the course, the learner will know how to:

  1. Create simple macros
  2. Record actions, key strokes and mouse operations in the macro recorder
  3. Create buttons that activate macros in a single click
  4. Remove all filters in a register with a single click
  5. Filter a register for the latest revisions of documents in a single click
  6. Automatically select the appropriate cell to register a new document in a single click
  7. Protect and unprotect sheets using programming code
  8. Implement dropdown lists that change depending on specified categories
  9. Transpose a vertical list to a horizontal list
  10. Change, adapt and process dates and their formats for Document Control purposes
  11. Automate the numbering of transmittals
  12. Automatically look up data in a large table / matrix using two search criteria – with either of three techniques
  13. Fix a number of bugs and develop a number of workarounds


Evidence of completion

 An attestation of completion is provided after completion of the webinar.


What is the target audience of this module?

  • The EXL-2C module (Intermediate level) is targeted at:
    • Excel users who have had some experience with:
      • Creating, using and modifying Excel files
      • Using formulas
      • Making Excel files user-friendly
    • and who wish to learn clever Excel tricks to improve their performance, their productivity and their efficiency.
    • Users who wish to reduce manual operations as much as possible.


  • No formal qualification or experience required
  • For beginners who continue their natural progression with these Consepsys modules, it is strongly advised to complete course EXL-1A and EXL-2B first
  • Courses are delivered in English: a functional level in English language is recommended
  • You will need access to a computer, with MS Excel (2007 and later versions) installed

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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How long?

  • The course is designed so that it takes participants about 3 hours to complete both theory and practice

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