Module 3 - Document Control: Risks & Benefits (EDC3)

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In this basic / intermediate course module, we cover the risks related to a poor documentation management as well as the benefits of implementing Document Control.

  • What are the risks related to poor documentation management? 
  • Examples of incidents related to poor document management
  • What are the measures to mitigate these risks: lessons learnt & best practices
  • Benefits of a controlled documentation system

 This course is both for:

  • All professionals working in an environment where risks related to poor documentation management are present.
  • Beginners in Document Control
  • Document Control Professionals who learnt the discipline on-the-job and want to ensure that they get the fundamentals of the discipline right and to gain confidence in their practice
  • Experienced Document Controllers who wish to gain knowledge in risks related to Document Control and looking for "selling points" for Document Control within their company.
  • Any person who wish to gain a better understanding of the requirement for Document Control.

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1. Introduction: Managing Risks

Definition of risk and risk management; challenges of risks managements; example of risks


2. Risks related to document management

Risks for industrial safety; Example of incidents; Legal risks; Company reputation; Financial risks


3. Control of Content

Best practices to mitigate risks


4. Centralized information

Best practices to mitigate risks


5. Dedicated Document Control Professionals

Best practices to mitigate risks


6. Benefits of Controlled Documentation

Best practices to mitigate risks





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  • Assessment is done through online tests and checks  


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