The importance of Document Control - for Management & Supervisory Roles (NDC01)

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In an organisation, uncontrolled documentation can have negative and sometimes disastrous consequences.


To minimise these risks, organisations rely on Document Control professionals to enforce controlled processed, practices and protocols pertaining to documentation.


Document Control is a profession whose purpose is to ensure that documentation available at official points of use within an organisation is trusted by its users and contains valid, up-to-date, reliable, checked and formally approved information. This video explains Document Control in less than 3 minutes:


Document Control at its best - is a strong asset to Management and Supervisory roles.


In general, Document Control may not be perceived as an important part of an organisation, however, its role in protecting the interests of organisations is of unique importance.


Developed from empirically learnt lessons and using a variety of real-life examples, this webinar takes a managerial perspective on the importance Document Control and on how it protects people, organisations and even the personal interests of Managers and Supervisors.


Important note: this is not the course to learn what Document Control is.


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Module 1 - Purpose of the course and the role of Managers & Supervisors


Module 2 - The mission of Document Control


Module 3 - Importance of Document Control for Managers and Supervisors

  • Safety
  • False economy of not investing in competent Document Control
  • Risks of disputes, litigation and prosecution
  • Financial losses due to poor Document Control
  • Impact on company reputation due to potential court cases
  • Potential Client dissatisfaction and loss of return business
  • Impact on reputation, prestige, career and earnings of Managers and Supervisors

Module 4 - Common pitfalls

  • An Electronic Document Management System does not solve everything
  • The damages caused by ill-suited Document Control resources
  • Document Control perceived as “slowing down the process”
  • The damages caused by lack of support to Document Control

Module 5 - Document Control – an ally for success

  • The added value of competent, empowered Document Control
  • Support required by Document Control
  • Document Control – a key component for your success


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