Module 4 - EDMS Implementation (EDC4)

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In this course module, we cover the steps required to implement an EDMS (Electronic Document Management Software Package).

  • EDMS Project Definition
  • Selecting the appropriate EDMS
  • Development, Design & Set-up
  • Document & Data Migration
  • Deployment plan

 This course is both for:

  • Document Control Professionals who wish to gain an understanding of what is an EDMS and of the steps required to implement a new DC software
  • Professionals planning the implementation of a new DC Software / EDMS
  • Document Controllers who wish to grow their knowledge in this area
  • Any person who wish to gain a better understanding of what are the steps required in an EDMS implementation project (from a functional stand-point)

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How long?

  • Course duration is 3 hours but it is self-paced: you can take your time to go through it!


1. EDMS Definition 

What is an EDMS? How Document Controllers use it?


2. EDMS  Capabilities

What are the typical capabilities of these software packages? How are they useful?


3. Benefits & Risks

What are the benefits of using an EDMS (as opposed to not using one); Managing DC related risks.


4. Investment decision

From opportunity to investment decision; Business Case; ROI (Return on Investment) calculation


5. EDMS Project Definition

Project specification; List of Requirements; Stakeholders


6. EDMS Selection

Steps required to select an EDMS solution; Proposal evaluation; Evaluation matrix


7. Project Execution

Steps required to execute the EDMS implementation project; User Acceptance Tests; Specifics of implementation involving different locations


8. Document & Data Migration 

Steps required to migrate data and documents from one system to another.


9. Deployment Plan

Steps required to prepare the launch of the new software; Users training & training material; Communication with users


10. After the implementation

EDMS Functional Administration; 




  • A certificate of completion is sent by email immediately upon completion of the module
  • Assessment is done through online tests and checks  

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Feedback from course participants:


Lilian (United Kingdom) said:  

"A good short course with the all the steps for an new EDMS implementation"


Susan (United States) said:  

"The course that I took on EDMS training was a very informative class and opened my eyes up to what more there is in document control"


John (Netherlands) said:  

"Excellent course from beginning to end. The short chapters make it easy to understand"