Alan Keogh

Document Controller / Quality Assurance Analyst at Viatris in Galway, Republic of Ireland

Who do you work for and where? 


I work for Viatris, formally known as Mylan and I am based in Galway, Republic of Ireland.


This is a pharmaceutical manufacturing company and I work here in the capacity as a document controller / quality assurance analyst.


I have been working with this company since January 2009.



What are your passions in life? 


My passions though, reside away from the pharmaceutical industry and lie in the area of numismatics. Numismatics is the study of coinage, tokens, banknotes and such paraphernalia.


This interest requires attention to detail and this is where the skills used in my hobby crosses over into the realm of my paid employment.


As a document controller, attention to detail is paramount as co-workers and managers alike are depending on you to organise files and provide an accurate review of all documents pertinent to the smooth running of the company's daily activities.


What has the impact of Consepsys training been on your career? 


I attended the Consepsys Certified Document Controller course during October 2017 in London.


The course has given me a better insight into the career and importance of what a good document controller is responsible for. Prior to attending this course, I was not aware of the importance and the widespread use of the skills of a document controller.


It is to this end, that I am thankful and I very much benefit from my introduction to Consepsys and the whole career area of document control.


I hope to attend the senior document controller course in the near future and update my skills to assist my progression in the ever-changing work environment.


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