Hani Qonitah

Information Management Specialist at an International Oil & Gas Company in East Java, Indonesia

Who are you? 


My name is Hani Qonitah. You can call me Hani. I was born in Kalimantan (Borneo), Indonesia. I received my bachelor degree in Library & Information Science from University of Indonesia and a Master of Information Management & Systems (Records & Archives) from Monash University, Australia.


Who do you work for and where? 


I am an Information Management Specialist at an International Oil & Gas company in East Java, Indonesia.


Currently I work under Operations Technical department at the central production facility in East Java. Before joining EMCL I worked with several organizations i.e. Asian Development Bank (ADB), United Nations Information Center, Berita Buana daily newspaper & University of Indonesia as Lecturer assistant.


 What are your passions in life? 


I am very interested in the field of managing recorded information in all its aspects. Because in my opinion, recorded information is an invaluable asset. If a person or organization loses this asset, he/she will be paralyzed and unable to function to do the things that are his/her right and responsibility. So, this recorded information must always be maintained, managed and stored properly during its lifetime.


What has the impact of Consepsys training been on your career? 


The course I took in year 2018 (Certified Document Controller coursehas had a very positive impact to my career as a Coordinator of Document Controllers. Indeed, in my company, the document controller field was initially considered necessary only during the project period; however, in reality, in the operations stage, it turns out that the role of a document controller is also important because there are many changes that must be made in the production field which must be integrated between one discipline and another and between one department with other departments.


At the beginning of my assignment at this site in 2017, I had no experience as a document controller so I had to learn from the beginning to understand what the main task of a document controller is so that I could lead our document controllers according to the right principles.


The course at Consepsys gave me knowledge about the role, main tasks, processes that must be carried out and the stakeholders who partners of a document controller. Thus I could quickly adapt to the needs of document control when I took over documentation for operations in production stage for my organization. 


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