Irena Bauman 

Document Controller at New Gold in Canada (New Afton Mine)

Can you tell us a bit about you? 


My name is Irena Bauman. I am 36 years old, happily married to a wonderful husband and have two daughters aged 9 and 15. 


I live in the interior of British Columbia, Canada in the city of Kamloops, but am originally from the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia. My family moved to Kamloops following a career change my husband made.


I have a very busy household with my daughters and our small dog, Lady. In my spare time I enjoy working out and being active. I love spin classes, hiking, biking, and camping. 

What is your current role? 


I am the Document Controller at New Gold’s New Afton Mine. 


I also act as the system administrator and soft SharePoint architect assisting with appropriate records management protocols and training. 


Can you describe your professional experience? 


My professional background is largely based in 13 years of law enforcement experience. I started my career as an officer with Canada Border Services Agency, moving on to work as a Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Detachment Services Assistant, and then a dispatcher for the RCMP eventually moving on to Records Management for the same agency.


It was there that I was able to hone my professional skills in the organization and development of legal documentation and policy. Through this experience and training I formed a keen understanding of the importance of proper document control.


Upon moving to Kamloops with my family, I applied and started working for the Kamloops RCMP when I decided that I wanted to focus my skills on document control and records management. I started working for New Gold – New Afton Mine in May 2019 and have been using my previous experience and training to assist in my role as Document Controller. 


It has been both a challenging and incredibly rewarding experience and has helped me expand and develop while meeting the needs of my team. 


Which Consepsys course did you attend and when?


I attended the Certified Document Control course with examination in August 2019, held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 


What did you think about the Consepsys course? How did it help you in your current role and career development?


The course was extremely informative and thorough.


Throughout the training I was able to develop a deeper understanding of my role and document control during construction from a mining perspective.


The knowledge that I gained has helped to improve the quality of my work and has reinforced my understanding of the Document Control Fundamentals, which has been beneficial to my work restructuring and organizing documents.

Going further