Jesus Rodriguez

Laboratory Support Specialist Technician in Avista Pharma in Agawam, Massachusetts, United States

Can you tell us a bit about you? 


My name is Jesus Rodriguez, I am a 23 years old Puerto Rican, living in Massachusetts. I have been working for Avista Pharma for almost 2 years. 


I grew up in Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico and moved to the USA in 2010 pursuing educational opportunities. During this time, I graduated high school and started my college career in Religion and Business Administration at Liberty University Online (Class of 2018). 


During my spare time, I like to write, go to the movies, and honestly sleep! 


I am an author, a speaker, and a Certified Document Controller!

What is your current role? 


I recently transitioned from being Document Control Specialist, so my current role at Avista Pharma is “Laboratory Support Specialist Technician”.


During my time as Document Control, I was responsible for collecting “Certificates of Analysis” from our laboratories. Jointly with our Quality Department, we would perform Quality checks and ensure that the data generated was accurate. 


We also performed internal audits, issued Quality event documentation, assigned controlled information to individuals and departments and spearheaded a 7-year purge of controlled documents.



Can you describe your professional experience? 


I am presently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Religion and Business Administration at Liberty University. 


I have worked with non-profit organizations, and retail industries prior to being hired at Avista Pharma in 2015.



Which Consepsys course did you attend and when?


I completed the Certified Document Controller course provided by Consepsys on their 2016 class in Houston, Texas.


In the beginning of 2016, I expressed to my supervisor the desire to expand my knowledge on my field and presented the proposal for me to be part of this course. 


I was informed that I could pursue this opportunity to learn more about the position and to bring back information to better our systems and department. 



What did you think about the Consepsys course? How did it help you in your current role and career development?


After successfully completing the course, I went back home and was able to have a better understanding of my role and importance on my position. 


This course shed some amazing insight on the do’s and don’ts and I was able to communicate with our team, revise procedures and establish a better and more effective way to keep our data integrity. 


During my transition, I was able to impart the information I learned to my “protégé” and was able to leave a legacy in the Document Control department. 


This course has helped me achieve my goal and bring our quality to a new level. It also allowed me to be moved to a new position to implement the same knowledge and quality!


Thank you Consepsys!



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