Jonathan Tan


Project Document Administrator with Siemens Mobility Australia, in Melbourne, Australia

Can you tell us a bit about you? 


I am Jonathan Tan, currently living and working in Melbourne, Australia.


I have previously lived and worked in Malaysia and the United States. I have also worked in a diverse range of sectors, from the electronics manufacturing industry to the rail signalling industry where I am currently based. 


Outside work I enjoy photography, reading and hiking, and travelling to new locations and countries. I look to see if the new technologies, methods, and things I learn about can be applied to my career if feasible and practical.

What is your current role? 

Presently, I am a Project Document Administrator with Siemens Mobility Australia. The Siemens Mobility portfolio includes rolling stock, rail automation and electrification, a comprehensive software portfolio, turnkey systems as well as related services across the world. 


My current role includes developing and implementing document control processes for new and existing rail projects in Australia, New Zealand & Asia. Along with my colleagues, I also identify ways to improve efficiency, better standardisation, and user-friendliness for procedures. Our goal is to have a standardised document control process that reduces the likelihood of uncontrolled documentation.


Additionally, I implement and maintain a cloud-based engineering checklist system to replace the paper-based format for on-site inspections. As the data is captured and stored in the cloud, it is accessible anywhere by any personnel with the correct credentials. This avoids the risk of lost paper test documentation and results.


Can you describe your professional experience? 


I am from an Electrical Engineering background. In my first job, I worked at a major US-based electronics manufacturing company that manufactures hard-disk drives and solid-state drives for personal computers, laptops, servers, and other data storage applications.


Later, after completing my postgraduate degree, I worked with two small startup companies in Melbourne, Australia. Several years ago I made a career pivot to become a project document controller on a major rail project with Siemens Mobility. Since then, I have progressed to work with Siemens Mobility on multiple projects to improve Melbourne and Perth's commuter railway system and also several Australian freight rail projects.


Which Consepsys course did you attend and when? 


It was the Certified Document Controller course, taken earlier in May 2022. The 4-day session covered material such as the core of document control, as well the as best practices for implementing the processes in organisations and projects. The course was done online by videoconferencing, and it was supported by several online resources for the course material.


What did you think about the course? How did it help you in your current role and career development?


This course was very insightful in reenforcing my knowledge on the methodology of document control and the best practices.


The scope covered internal company documents, external company documents, and also document control in project-based applications. Many examples from various industries are covered and the content can be adapted to be applied in any other organisations and sectors where correct documentation, procedures, & drawings are critical to ensure proper safety, operation, and organisational efficiency.


Another overlooked side note is that document control also affects team morale. Disorganised and inconsistent document management creates doubt and uncertainty among team members. Having worked in a diverse range of industries from a large electronics manufacturing firm, to tiny startup companies, and now a rail company, I found that no matter the size and industry, it is important to maintain a basic foundation of document control and management for the operational efficiency and reputation of an organisation.



 Interview date: January 2023

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