Liz-Mari Carstens

Project Administrator at Iluka Resources, in Adelaide, Australia


Can you tell us a bit about you? 


My name is Liz-Mari Carstens. I am 41 years old, married to my high school sweetheart (we started dating when we were 13), and the mother of a teenage daughter. 


I was born in Keetmanshoop, Namibia. I’ve lived in Namibia, South Africa, Ghana, and New Zealand, and have settled in, and become a citizen of, Australia. 


I enjoy cooking, doing anything creative, and travelling. 


What is your current role? 


I joined Iluka Resources as a Project Administrator in 2011. Currently, I am based in Adelaide, where I man the reception desk, and oversee document control activities on various national and international projects.  


I also train and support other employees involved with the ‘Dark Art’ of Document Control and help them apply that knowledge in the current EDMS. 


Can you describe your professional experience? 


My career started in the South African retail industry, where I ended up managing several stores. 


I then did front office and quality control work in a sign making and screen-printing business (also in South Africa), before joining a copy shop in New Zealand as a front office and printing assistant. 


I’ve since worked as an office administrator in Melbourne, and held Project Administration roles in Hamilton and Adelaide. 

My role has gone from assisting Document Control staff, to becoming one of them, to providing Document Controllers and team members with training and support.


Which Consepsys course did you attend and when?


I did the Certified Document Controller Course and Certified Lead Document Controller Course in June 2018.


What did you think about the Consepsys course? How did it help you in your current role and career development?


As somebody who has only had on-the-job training (like most of my colleagues), it was difficult for me to know if I was approaching Document Control in the right way. 


I felt an enormous sense of responsibility, as I became the point-of-contact for all project team members, particularly when they needed Document Control help or guidance.


The Consepsys courses solidified a lot of what was good and correct, and helped me change what was not.


It was absolutely fantastic to talk to like-minded individuals (who actually understood what was coming out of my mouth), and empowering to receive recognised qualifications and certificates.

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