Nicole Larsen

Project Coordinator with Siemens Wind Power in Denmark


Can you tell us a bit about you? 


My name is Nicole Larsen, I am a 30 year old German-Filipino, working and living in Denmark for almost eight years. 


I grew up in Manila, Philippines and moved to Denmark, initially to pursue my graduate studies. Then life happened, I met my partner, found a good job and had a son who is turning 4 years old this year. 


During my spare time, I love to travel in order to see new sights, experience different cultures and taste local cuisines. At home, I enjoy cooking Asian food and meeting up with friends for a cup of coffee.  



What is your current role? 


I am a Project Coordinator, focusing on Documentation at Siemens Wind Power, currently the largest offshore wind turbine supplier in the world.


I’m responsible for collecting, organizing,  storing and transmittal of project documentation. Aside from that, I also support the project group in relation to planning, execution and completion of projects. 


Can you describe your professional experience? 


I have a degree in B.A. Humanities and Management from the University of Asia and the Pacific in the Philippines, and I also have a MSc. International Business from the Aarhus University in Denmark. 


I have worked in the logistics, airline and energy industries. I started working for Siemens Wind Power back in 2011 and have been working in various offshore wind farm projects since then, such as the London Array Offshore Wind Farm, which during its time, was the largest offshore wind farm in the world. 


Which Consepsys course did you attend and when?


I completed the Certified Document Controller course of Consepsys in Aberdeen, UK back in June 2016. 


As a Project Coordinator, we are involved in various stages of the project, however, I can say that documentation has been one most interesting tasks I have had.


Early on, I informed my manager that I was very interested in documentation, and I wanted to learn more about the job. I was told that I could attend a training course that I found useful to grow in this direction.


I presented the Consepsys course content to my manager, and we both agreed that this course would be perfect for my development. 


What did you think about the Consepsys course? How did it help you in your current role and career development?


This course has left a very positive impact on me. Understanding the basic principles in document control has boosted my confidence at work. Passing the exam and receiving the certificate, has given me a sense of accomplishment and is proof to myself and to others that I am knowledgeable in Document Control. 


I was so excited to share my experience with my manager, telling her the course was a “must have” for all my colleagues working on documentation in the company. Personally, the course has allowed me to have a solid understanding of the documentation requirements of the client, as well as improve the existing procedures in the company, and planning for future projects.


I am looking forward to attending the Advanced Document Controller course, I believe that this will enhance the knowledge that I received from the Certified Document Controller course. 


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