Avoiding or Overcoming Organisational Inertia

By Luis Heng, director of Kerr Noll


The must-have manual for successful leaders





This insightful and off-beat book gives leaders the secret to continued success at the head of organisations. Easy to read, it uses simple and often humorous examples to illustrate concepts and techniques. It is an essential manual for leaders wishing to enjoy long-term success, through all circumstances.


This book discusses organisational inertia, which describes the situation wherein an organisation is or becomes dysfunctional, under-performs or stops performing altogether; as a result, it starts or keeps missing its objectives.

This book covers what causes it, what factors contribute to it, what damage it creates, but most importantly, how to fight it and how to overcome it.

Organisational inertia creates hardship for people:

  • Entire organisations brought to their knees;
  • Loss of jobs;
  • High unemployment rates;
  • People and families struggling to make ends meet.

With a very unusual angle and with an unconventional approach, the author aims at giving current and future organisation leaders a perspective that can help them:

  • Get back on the road to success; or
  • Stay on the road to success.

Ultimately, the purpose of this book is to save jobs and to keep people away from the hardships caused by the avoidable decline of organisations resulting from ill-adapted leadership.

This book emphasizes the importance of realism and pragmatism in the management of organisations and in the analysis of organisation inertia. It offers tools, techniques and a pragmatic approach that realistically take account of human nature.

This book is a blend of psychology, philosophy, self-help and sociology.

It is a must-have for any leader who wishes to be or to remain successful in leading organisations.

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