2021 Salary Survey

What is the Salary Survey for Document Control Professionals?

  • The survey is a benchmark of Document Control professionals remunerations, throughout the world and a study of factors impacting remuneration (experience, role, environment, industry, etc).
  • Survey conducted by Consepsys, The Document Control Professionals
  • Yearly salary survey open to all Document Control Professionals (all industries, countries, experience levels)
  • Data for the 2021 Salary Survey was gathered from the 1st of December 2020 and the 15th of March 2021
  • 360 complete and unique contributions from 53 countries and 26 industries

What's in the report?

39-page report: Analysis on the data gathered for the survey

The report includes:

  • Average salary
  • Salary per country
  • Salary per industry
  • Salary per job title
  • Types of jobs
  • Typical bonuses & benefits
  • Factors that have an impact on the salary
  • Etc.

How to download the survey report?


Did you contribute to the 2021 survey?


Thank you for your contribution! Contributions help us improve accuracy of information!


If you contributed to the survey (complete contribution), you are entitled to a free copy of the survey report.


We have sent the report over to you by email on the 6th of April 2021: check your inbox!

  • We sent it to the email address you gave us when you completed the survey
  • If you cannot find it, check your Spam folder
  • If you can't find it in your Spam folder, drop us an email at customersupport@consepsys.com (use the same email address that you used to complete the survey).
  • We will check that you completed the survey, and will send you the report accordingly.


Other cases:


In case you did not complete the 2021 survey, you can still download the survey report.


We just ask for a small fee to contribute to the survey analysis efforts. Download

How much is £3 in my currency?

* £ stands for Pound Sterling (GBP)

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