"Mouse shoulder": How to relieve it?

 One of the most frequent strains that Document Control professionals can encounter due to the nature of their work is called “Mouse Shoulder”.


This condition refers to shoulder pain from using a mouse with your computer without appropriate arm support. It is a repetitive strain injury (RSI), typically developing over weeks or months from constant repetitive movements in a limited area (typically using the mouse in a constrained area).


To avoid or reduce this condition:


  • Make sure you do not have to reach for your mouse (try different positions to see which one works best for you)
  • If you can, train yourself to be an ambidextrous mouse user: that way you can switch your mouse hands regularly during the day
  • Consider using a dictation software from time to time
  • Take frequent short breaks (every 30 minutes):
    • Take deep breaths
    • Relax your arms
    • Stand up

  • Regularly exercise your hands
  • Try mouse shoulder exercises such as:

Those of Coach Deb 


Those of Catalyst PT


  • Regularly exercise your hands

Professional help


Finally, as soon as possible, consider getting professional help such as medical advice from your doctor and physical therapy.


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