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08. May 2020
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30. April 2020
Whether working from home or in the office, it is not unusual to feel the need to isolate ourselves from external sounds, to be able to better concentrate or work more efficiently. Here are 5 types of music to concentrate on your work, but that also have the capacity to boost your concentration, productivity and efficiency.
Technologies · 29. April 2020
How to configure multiple screens on your computer
28. April 2020
One of the most frequent strains that Document Control professionals can encounter due to the nature of their work is called “Mouse Shoulder”. This condition refers to shoulder pain from using a mouse with your computer without appropriate arm support. It is a repetitive strain injury (RSI), typically developing over weeks or months from constant repetitive movements in a limited area (typically using the mouse in a constrained area).
28. April 2020
The Ergonomics of Working from Home
Many professionals are currently working from home, due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Many are suffering from back pain, shoulder and neck pain or swollen legs, all signs of potential ergonomics issues.
Technologies · 28. April 2020
How to connect several monitors to your laptop and desktop computers
We explain how to additional monitors to a computer, and how have 1, 2 or 3 displays.
Career · 24. January 2020
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Safety · 24. January 2020
I described the incident and I explained that it felt as if of one the elevator cables had snapped. To my surprise, the hotel employee replied that no such incident had been reported before and that there was nothing to worry about. And of course, it became quickly obvious that the employee had no thought nor any intention to take any further action. I was shocked.
Career · 24. January 2020
Find out if you are an asset or a liability to your team or to your organisation.
Career · 24. January 2020
With years of professional experience, it is normal for people to become quite comfortable with their ability to do their job, and quite confident in their own competencies. Starting in a profession is always initially daunting indeed, due to this overwhelming feeling that there is so much that we do not know, and that there is so much that we need to learn.

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