Career · 29. May 2023
Getting trained and certified by Consepsys: What is the return on investment?
What are the benefits and the return on investment of getting trained and certified by Consepsys?
Career · 29. May 2023
How to ask your employer to fund your training [Templates and Tips included]
Getting trained and certified benefits both you and your company; it’s a win-win situation: You gain knowledge and recognition while becoming a more skilled and productive employee. So it’s fair to ask your employer if they would pay for your training, education or certification, as it will also bring value to the organisation. But, for many, this conversation might feel uncomfortable. That’s why we have listed 10 tips to help you approach this conversation confidently.
Best Practices · 10. May 2023
5 tips to avoid late submission of documentation
A constant struggle that Document Control professionals talk about a lot is the difficulty in getting people (e.g. authors or external suppliers) to submit their documents on time and well in advance, so that Document Controllers can have the time to check the documents, to send them back for modifications if required, and to get the document ready to be transmitted or distributed by the day on which it is actually due.
Career · 12. April 2023
Avoiding Process Blindness
The majority of professionals suffers from the fact that their interfaces do not understand how much work goes behind tasks, and the processes that professionals must go through. A typical example is that many users expect their documents to be distributed within five minutes of having sent it to the Document Controller. Users who behave like that exhibit a condition that we will call “Process Blindness” for the purpose of this article.
Career · 12. April 2023
Understanding How To Interact With Your Work Interfaces – Personality Types
In the workplace, it can be difficult to deal with the various personalities that we face on a day-to-day basis. Naturally, each of us finds affinities with certain people, aversion towards some people and neutrality towards the rest. Most people get along just fine with most other people in the work environment. Most people, but not all people. It can be very interesting to actually understand our own personality, that of other people, and the reasons why there is an affinity or a dislike.
Technologies · 11. April 2023
Automation & Artificial Intelligence – The future of work for Document Control
Artificial intelligence (AI) has been everywhere in the news since the recent release of ChatGPT on the 30th of November 2022. We have seen countless examples of people testing the tool on a wide variety of topics, and with answers from the AI that were quite astonishing sometimes. Which takes us to the question: what are the possible consequences for us in the workplace? And how will it change the way we work, and the way Document Control works in the near future?
Technologies · 24. August 2022
What is the difference between Digital Signature and Electronic Signature?
Digital signature or electronic signature? Even though we commonly use these two terms interchangeably, they actually cover two different concepts. Let’s delve in.
Best Practices · 24. August 2022
Peace in the Office: Myth or Reality?
Now that, in many regions around the world, the pandemic has stabilised, we are back in the office and we realise with shock that we have to learn to work together again, in the same office space. Here are 7 tips on how to maintain peace in the office.
Career · 05. November 2021
How to be more credible in meetings
Meetings are an interesting moment in the workplace because not only they can be a great forum to share progress, accomplishments, issues and concerns, but they are also a place where you can shine and build a strong professional image. Or on the contrary, if it is not handled properly, your credibility can go down quite quickly. So what to do to be more credible in meetings?
Career · 05. November 2021
Gift to self: End of year career review
The end of the year is a natural time for reflection: what have I accomplished this year? What am I most proud of? What are my goals for next year? Too often, we tend to jump from one year to another without really taking the time to take a step back and reflect. So why not make a special gift to yourself in the end of year period and offer yourself a career self-review?

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