Sample of Testimonials for Certified Document Controller Course


Senior Document Controller

Eon Ruhrgas, United Kingdom


The Document Control Course is specifically designed for the document controllers, and details the requirements and functions of the Document Controller, in a pratical and professional manner 


Document Control Manager

Bateman Engineering, South Africa


I would like to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to attend your Document Control course. The course material was perfectly suited to the functionality of Document Control and more interestingly how the process in South Africa and the world use the same processes and functionality.

As a manager at Bateman, I would suggest that all Document Controllers or future Document Controllers attend this intuitive course. 

N. Binte Siron

Document Controller/Secretary

GL Noble Denton, Singapore


I strongly recommend document controllers out there to take this course, or the DCM, as the trainers were very professional, you'll never get bored. They both are readily to share and attend your queries and problems


J. Franke

Business Systems Support Manager

Leighton Asia Ltd, Hong Kong


I found this course to be very well structured and covered all the key aspects of document control. It was presented in a professional manner with enough tutorials and real life examples to make it interesting and keep my attention. It gives a thorough grounding in document control and should be a recommended course for all companies with document controllers.

U. K. Binte Abdul Latif

Senior Executive Assistant

Meiden, Singapore


This course would help those who's trying to find the better way / methods on how to manage our daily tasks


A. Abdugaliyeva

Kazakhmys Projects, Kazakhstan


The course is very useful and presents all the information about Document Control management and lso allows to practice using the information provided during the course

F. Lafitte, France


I am highly satisfy with the e-learning course. The course content is excellent and well explained and well documented. The theory is supported by good practicals tutorials and workshops that helped me to understand the day to day document controller tasks and scope. Thanks to Julie for sharing her experience and advice in a plaisant and friendly manner. 

R. Arzadon

Document Control Supervisor

Alpine, Singapore


If you want to polish or formalize your career as Document Controller, then you must attend this training 

Z. Naït Saïdi

Document Controller, Algeria


I would like to thank you for this training course. It allowed me to learn the rules and standards of the Document Controldiscipline, and I am sure it will allow me to join an important company in the near future. I will not hesitate to recommend this course to those who would like to be a professional of document control

A. Hamzah Bin Hamdan

Document Controller

Brooke Dockyard and Engineering, Malaysia 


I am very impressed with the presentation and the course

J. Ancheta

Document Controller

Alaqaria, Qatar


Very informative, well-rounded lecturers and excellent presentation!

N. Kabha

Document Control Manager

Marbu Contracting, Qatar


Thanks for the support and the good knowledge. It covered my expectations and even more.

M. Jimenez

Document Controller

Alaqaria, Qatar


Excellent. Starting from zero to breaking down the core of the discipline, and knowing where you stand in the process.

Mohd Asril, Lead Document Controller, Labuan Shipyard and Engineering, Malaysia


It's a very very good course for Document Controllers. All of the modules cover my requirements, such as project document control, distribution, EDMS, etc. Every module has tutorials which I can implement on my job.

M. Akhtar Baig, Msheireb Properties, Qatar


This course is very useful for all the Document Controllers and Administrative staff. It will help them to understand the basic concept and process of Document Controlling

Liz Nasir, Senior Document Controller, LendLease, Singapore


The course explains the core function of Document Control responsibilities, and covers all need to know information that a DC should know. The best thing about the course is that all DC can relate to the subject covered, regardless of their background / industry. A very detailed explaination of how or what are the best practices use in Document Control.

D. Duong, Delivery Director, Exquando, Belgium


Great training course, which defines well the Document Control role


A. Wuyts, Content Administrator, Exquando, Belgium


This course covers well the Document Controller's role, we have also been able to discuss about our own methodology and practices


K. Bharati, Technical Support Admin, Qatar Building Company, Qatar



Not only for people in the Document Control field, but people from other fields should also attend this course to understand the importance of DC


M. Jimenez, Document Controller, Alaqaria, Qatar



Excellent. Starting from zero to breaking down the core of the discipline, and knowing where you stand in the process.


T. Sowale, Document Controller, Bristow Helicopters



The Document Control Course by Consepsys gives you the kick off you need for a career in Document Control. One feels so much empowered after the training session! 

N. Yunita, PMS Administrator, McDermott, Indonesia



It's a great training with a qualified lecturer. You get more knowledge in the Document Control field.

E. Tulegenova, Maersk Oil, Kazakhstan



I recommend to attend this course, as I found it very useful and interesting.

C. M. Aquino, Document Controller, Swiber Offshore, Singapore



Informative and interactive course. Very practical and useful!

A.F. Nedelcu

Senior Management Assistant

OMV Petrom




It was a very interesting course. I strongly recommend it!

W.M. Man, Document Controller, Dockwise Shipping, Netherlands



Clear view on Document Control. Experience of lecturer is nice to have, so we could share our experience in reality.

M.A. Mamat

Document Control Manager

Weststar Aviation




It is a mind opener: simple and direct to the point!

A. N. Zee Binti Ani

Document Documentroller

TL Offshore / Sapura Kencana




Very good understanding and a lot of knowledge in return

J. Bassig




Very informative and presents a good foundation for would-be document controllers. The experience is great.

H. Zahar

Document Controller

TL Offshore / Sapura Kencana




It was very helpful for me to understand better. Lecturer used simple language and tutorials are based on current situation which make it interesting!

A. F. Zahari

Document Controller

Weststar Aviation




Fundamental but indepth. Awesome: #gotogo

E. Katimbo

Document Control Supervisor




Worth every penny for career development and growth in this industry

A. Firdaus

Document Controller

SBM Offshore



It's a good course for everyone, whether you are a Document Controller or not





Very informative. Puts all experience and working knowledge into perspective: Makes all the pieces fall into place

N. A. Norbi

Document Controller

Sapura Acergy




The lecturer has trained and explained all DC tasks very well and used simple words in order to make us understand easily






The course is 101% related to my field of work. Excellent!!

F. Haddadi
GE Water


I attended both the Certified Document Controller course and the Certified Lead Document Controller course and it was great moments with great benefits. I really discovered the real job of Document Controller.

M. Scanlan
Document Controller


For anyone wanting to obtain comprehensive information for their Document Control education, this is the course to attend.

S. Edmonds
Senior Technical Assistant

United Kingdom


Great course. Information is taught in a professional and easy to understand way.

Abdullah Al-Hakimi
Quality Administrator

The Doctors Laboratory
United Kingdom


Fantastic overview of the Document Control profession

A. Al-Hakimi
Quality Administrator

The Doctors Laboratory
United Kingdom


This course is highly recommended to those new to the profession or already working as Document Controllers. The content reflects the rich Document Control experience that Consepsys possess and would therefore guide Document Controllers throughout their careers.

Robyn Jeffery
Document Controller

Ipex Pipeline



I would thoroughly recommend this course. It has given me the confidence to be the document controller. They provided me with the knowledge and tools that I sought before attending.

Chuanjing Xia
Document Controller

BW Offshore


It's a very good and detailed training course for document controller. It help a lot on the DC process and balance DC situation. The lecturer is very nice and patient.