Sample of Testimonials for Transitioning to a Manager Position Course

Jelena Slentneriene


Lead Document Controller, 8Build, United Kingdom




Focused course with many real life examples. This course touched all aspects of the good management criteria and provided better understanding on how to deal with different situations 

Agnes Osiewacz


DC Lead and QA Coordinator, DPS, Netherlands




Thank you for showing me a light in the tunnel, and empowering me with the possibility to change myself first before changing my team!

Deborah Villafuerte


Document Controller, ONE-Dyas B.V., Netherlands




An essential course not only for managers but also for the individuals who are interested to learn. All information given are applicable to day-to-day life.

Terence Quek


Team Manager, Aviva, Singapore




Great course that reminds us on the fundamentals of management


Rob van der Lee


Lead Document Controller, Total E&P, Netherlands




Follow this course, it will be an eye opener for you!

Lee Seng How


Manager, Singapore




Full of information as a guide for prospective managers


Leong Wai Seng


Manager, Aviva, Singapore




The course gives a good understanding the role of a manager 



Team Manager, Aviva, Singapore




Toolkit for new managers 



Team Manager, Aviva, Singapore




Very structured, relevant and detailed course for new managers