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January 2016

How to create dropdown menus in Excel

February 2016

How to create bookmarks in a PDF file

March 2016

Introduction to Document Numbering

April 2016

Watermarks on documents

May 2016

DC Reports & Statistics

June 2016

Typical DC Tasks and Roles 

July 2016

DC Sections in Contracts

August 2016

OCR: How to Scan Smartly

September 2016

Automated Document Comparison

October 2016

Excel: identify & remove duplicates

November 2016

Excel: Useful functions for reports

January 2017

Document Templates

February 2017

2017 DC Salary Survey Report 

March 2017

Mapping Processes & Workflows

April 2017

Increase DC users engagement

May 2017

5 characteristics of a champion MDR

June 2017

Analyse data with Excel pivot tables

July 2017

Track changes in Word documents

August 2017

5 factors to improve salary & employability 

September 2017

The Deviation Register: How to handle deviations from procedures

October 2017

How to create a document template in Microsoft Word

November 2017

Document Control in the Organisation Chart

February 2018

Useful Excel Functions - Formatting Tips

March 2018

Convince in 30 seconds or less: The Document Control Elevator Pitch

April 2018

Improve your presentation skills


May 2018

The Document Controller & the Planner

July 2018

Obtaining training sponsorship from your company

August 2018

Dealing with Resistance to Change

September 2018

Adobe Acrobat Commenting Tools

October 2018

Easy Process Design with SmartArt

November 2018

Anatomy of a Document

December 2018

How to effectively convert to PDF

January 2019

Document Control & Engineering Control

February 2019

TICCQS: Document Control Values

March 2019

The Revision History Table

April 2019

How to secure a PDF document

July 2019

What is a Project? What is Project Management?

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