Document Control Essentials for             Non-Document Controllers


A short module for managers, authors, engineers, technical teams, interfacing with Document Controllers


This short course module was specifically designed for interfaces of Document Controllers: managers, authors, engineers, reviewers, approvers, technical teams.


It aims at giving them, in a short, business-oriented and condensed session all the important need-to-know information about Document Control.


This course covers the essentials of Document Control with a clear, rational and objective-oriented approach: What is Document Control? Why is it essential and critical to one’s business? What are the risks involved with poor documentation management? What are the proven best practices and the requirements for one’s company.


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3 hours




Unit 1: Challenges of Documentation Management


Through illustrated examples, this unit covers the typical challenges for organisations, including document retrieval, traceability, compliance, contractual requirements, legal evidence & liability protection, information security and information sharing.


Unit 2: Risks related to poor documentation management


What are the risks associated with poor documentation control and document management? Through a series of incident examples, we explore both the risks, their impact and the lessons learnt on the management of these risks.


Unit 3: Best practices in documentation management and control of documents


What are the proven best practices to mitigate the risks presented in unit 2? A guide to the most essential best practices measures that successful companies have implemented.


Unit 4: Benefits to expect from a good Document Control system


What benefits can be expected from implementing the measures presented in unit 3? What is the return on investment of Document Control?


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This course is available on-demand, for in-company training sessions (world-wide).

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This course is available on-demand, for in-company training sessions

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