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Questions on course fee and payment

What is included in the course fee for face-to-face courses?  

  • Included in the fee: tuition, course material (excluding copyrights), certification examination (for DCC & DCM courses), snacks and refreshments, lunch, VAT/GST/Tax (where applicable).
  • Consepsys Limited does not arrange hotel accommodation, nor visa applications for Course Participants. 
  • Accommodation, food and other living expenses are not included in the fee.

How do I pay for training courses?

  • payment options include: direct bank transfer, debit/credit card, and PayPal.
  • Course registration will be formally confirmed by email upon receipt of payment.
  • Consepsys Limited requires full payment of course fees to be settled 7 days after issuance of the invoice. 

When do I pay?

  • Sufficient lead time is needed for course logistics and administrative tasks. For this reason, Consepsys Limited requires full payment of course fees to be settled 7 days after issuance of invoice.
  • All registration are closed 31 days prior to the start of the course session, at the latest.
  • Course registration will be formally confirmed by email upon receipt of payment.

After payment, what are the next steps?

  • Upon receipt of payment, and 30 days prior the start of the training course session at the latest, a Course Enrollment Confirmation Notice will be sent to each Course Participant by email including location, timetable, list of nearby hotels, etc.
  • Participants are urged not to book non-refundable travel or hotel until they have received a Course Enrollment Confirmation Notice.

What is the Early Bird Discount?

  • It is a 15% discount on the normal course fee, applicable if you enrol 200 days or more before the start of the course.
  • It cannot be added to another discount or promotion.

Is it possible to pay by instalments?

  • Yes, you may pay by instalments. We will just need to have received the full amount 30 days at the latest prior to the start of the course.
  • To do so, fill out the  enrolment form here: 
    • Select "other payment types"
    • In the “special invoicing instructions”, indicate that you would like to pay by instalments, as well as how many instalments would suit you (please note that full payment of all instalments must be received 30 days at the latest prior to the start of the course.)
    • We will then send you an invoice, with information about instalments schedule and payment methods
    • Once full payment for the course is received, we will send you the Joining Instructions for the course

We are several course participants from the same company, can we expect a discount on the course



  • Yes, you can. Please contact us to discuss discounts and preferred conditions.You may contact us via our online enquiry form.

Questions on Course Schedule

What is the course schedule?

  • The course schedule for full day of courses is typically 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM, with a lunch break.
  • A detailed course schedule is available in the Consepsys course catalogue: Download the 2021 course catalogue

Can I combine two or three courses together take them one immediately after the other (back to back)?

  • Depending on the location and dates, it may be possible to attend two or three courses, one immediately after the other (back to back).  
  • A detailed course schedule is available in the Consepsys course catalogue: Download the 2021 course catalogue

We would like to organise an in-house private course. Is it possible?

  • Yes, it is. Please contact us here to discuss your requirements.

Questions on the certificate and the certification examination


What kind of certificate will I receive?

  • A Certificate of Attendance is issued to each participant who satisfactorily completes the course.
  • For “Certified Document Controller Course” (DCC) and “Certified Lead Document Controller Course” (DCM), the course also includes an individual 3-hour certification examination: An Examination Pass Certificate is awarded to each participant who successfully passes the course certification examination.

Certification examination (for ‘DCC’ & ‘DCM’ Courses)

  • Certification examination sessions apply only to “Certified Document Controller Course” (DCC) and “Certified Lead Document Controller Course” (DCM).
  • All our certification examination sessions are held in a face-to-face circumstance.
  • The certification examination usually takes place on the last afternoon/morning of the course. 
  • It is an individual closed-book examination. Participants have up to 3 hours to complete the examination paper. 
  • Refer to the Certification page for more information on the content of the exam. 

What happens if I do not obtain a pass mark?  

  • It is possible to re-take the examination
  • The participant is not required to attend the whole course again, he/she can just register for the examination
  • The examination fee shall be paid in case of re-take

Questions on the course content

Which course should I attend? DCC? DCA? DCM? MGR?

  • Each course content is different, and all our courses are complementary.  The comparative table presents the main subject covered and the extent of coverage. 
  • We highly recommend to attend the Certified Document Controller Course (DCC) first:
    • This course covers the best practices of Document Control and how to improve your current procedure / system / organisation in light of those best practices.
    • Most DC professionals have learnt ‘on-the-job’ with no formal training or education in Document Control, and this is why we highly recommend to always start with the Certified Document Controller Training Course (DCC) first, whatever the level of previous experience in Document Control. 
    • Most of the participants to the DCC course are actually experienced (sometimes over 20-years experience) Document Control professionals who are attending the course to compare what they are doing with the best practices, and to find out if there are possible loopholes, and improvements possible to the process. 
    • The certification examination for the DCC level is also the only one certifying the actual experience and knowledge as a Document Controller.
  • Our recommended syllabus can be found here:

What kind of course material will I receive?

  • For the Transitioning to a Manager Position (MGR) course, participants receive a handbook, workshop hand-outs, electronic files containing data and report templates.
  • For all other courses (DCC, DCM, DCA, NDC), participants receive a handbook and workshop hand-outs.

Which Document Control Software Package or EDMS do you use during the course?

  • No Document Control software package ot EDMS is used nor required during our courses;
  • We are not affiliated to any Document Control software vendors, therefore we are independent; 
  • Our courses cover the competency and skill aspect of the Document Control profession, which allows to adapt to any Electronic Document Management System.

I am not sure whether these courses apply to my industry.

  • For DCC, DCA, DCM, NDC courses: Document Control is applied in a wide variety of activity sectors and practices are remarkably uniform across all sectors. So far, we have trained professionals from 60 activity sectors, including but not limited to Oil and Gas, Mining, Building Construction, Chemicals, Refining, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Nuclear, Food and Beverages, Renewable Energy, Waste Treatment, Aviation, Aeronautics, Airports, Automotive, Architecture, Marine, Logistics, Digital, Bank, and many more.
  • For MGR courses: The course / workshop methodology is targeted at leaders, regardless of the sector of activity or their industry of origin. The workshops and activities have been designed to be relatable to individuals from all sorts of professional backgrounds.
  • Please contact us to find out whether our courses would apply to your industry sector. 

Questions on Course Enrollment


How do I enroll / register?

1. Fill out our online request for enrollment

  • If you opt for "Pay by Card", you will be taken to the payment platform at the end of the enrolment form.
  • If you opt for "Other Payment Types", we will then send you an invoice. Payment is due 7 days after issuance of invoice.

2. Once payment is confirmed, your enrollment will be validated by our team.


3. 30 days at the latest before the course session, we will send you a Course Enrollment Confirmation Notice, including all practical details for the course (location, timetable, list of nearby hotels, etc.).


When should I enrol?

  • To avoid any disappointment, we strongly recommend to our clients to confirm their enrolment as early as possible, and not to wait until the last minute, as our course sessions can fill up quite quickly and seats are limited

Participants requiring a visa to attend a course


Can I expect any visa application support if I need a visa to attend a training session?

  • Consepsys Limited does not have the authority to issue any letter of invitation to any Client requiring a visa to attend any given face-to-face training session.
  • Clients have to make their own arrangements for visa applications, accommodation booking and letters of invitation for the attendance of training sessions.
  • Depending on the destination country, the Course Enrollment Confirmation Notice can be added as a supporting document for the visa application process.
  • Clients requiring visas who have planned their visa application well have had no problem obtaining their visa. The steps they have taken to ensure success:
    • Queries well ahead of the course dates
    • Payment and enrollment well ahead of course dates – typically 8 to 12 weeks. On receipt of payment, Consepsys sends a Course Enrollment Confirmation Notice (CECN).
    • Booking of hotel near the course venue and confirmation of hotel booking.
    • Purchase of travel ticket for the period of the course session. 
    • Compilation of the visa application using documents required by the destination country’s consulate and attachment of the CECN.
    • Application for visa at least 8 to 12 weeks prior to the start of the course session.

Questions on pre-requisites


What are the pre-requisites to attend the training courses?

  • Each specific course brochure contains a section on pre-requisites. Please refer to the relevant brochure: DCC, DCA, DCM, MGR

Other Questions


What is Document Control?


Watch our video "What is Document Control [in less than 3 minutes]" or read the full definition here.


Who is Consepsys?


You can find more information about who we are here: Why Choose Consepsys?


Is there a local branch/subsidiary for Consepsys Limited in my country?

  • Unless you are based in the United Kingdom, Consepsys Limited does not have a local branch/subsidiary in your country. 
  • We are registered and based in the United Kingdom and we travel around the world to deliver our training, certification programs and consultancy services. We have trained thousands of professionals, from 90+ countries, 60+ activity sectors & industries, 19 timezones and all continents.

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Any other question?

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