Peace in the Office: Myth or Reality?


The extreme ‘working from home’ experience that we all went through during the Covid-19 pandemic had - at the time - a significant impact on work practices; incidentally, it wound up proving that it was possible for a Document Controller to work from home (which a lot of organisations did not believe before the pandemic).


Now that, in many regions around the world, the pandemic has stabilised, we are back in the office (on a full-time basis for some, or on a basis of part-in-the-office / part-working-from-home for others) and we realise with shock that we have to learn to work together again, in the same office space.


Have you encountered issues with it? Challenges? Talking to a lot of professionals throughout the year, through our training courses and consultancy work, we have had the feedback that coming back to the office has not necessarily been that easy.


Here are 7 tips on how to maintain peace in the office:


#1 Manage your stress level so that you don’t contaminate others with it.


Sometimes  stress comes from the amount of work that we have… and sometimes it just comes from other people who are stressed out and who transfer it to others either verbally (loud voice, impolite or abusive way of talking to others) or because they are banging on their desks or constantly sharing their negativity. Just don’t be that person for others.


#2 Practise relaxation, mindfulness, visualisation, or deep slow breathing


Practise relaxation, mindfulness, visualisation, or deep slow breathing: anything that will help you get along with your day in a more relaxed manner. 


#3 Avoid taboo topics, gossips, cliques


Avoid taboo topics, gossips, cliques: these will always have a negative impact on others, even if they seem harmless to you.


#4 Greet others with a smile  


Greet others with a smile rather than a poker face, be respectful and polite. Basically be the colleague you would love to interface with.


#5 Replace judgement with open-mindedness and tolerance


Be aware that not all human beings in the office space have the same needs, values, feelings and ways to communicate. Take it into account when discussing with others, and really listen:  replace judgement with open-mindedness and tolerance.


#6 Don't react when in a state of anger or frustration


When things get heated, take a step back and don’t react while in a state of anger or frustration. We always see better alternatives when our mind is quieter.


#7 Become an expert at communicating, integrating, and support


Become an expert at communicating, integrating, and support: when there is lack of communication, people may feel ignored and that has an impact on mental health and on teamwork.


What are your tips on maintaining peace in the office?

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