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Best Practices · 29. August 2018
When a new member joins your team, it is critical to ensure that their integration is successful and that the transition period is smooth for everyone. “Why” do you ask? Because the opposite situation (whereby the transition and integration are poorly managed) can have catastrophic consequences on the team capacity to work together and on the team spirit and interactions within the group.
Best Practices · 29. August 2018
How often have you heard (or said): “Is this meeting really necessary?”, “Do I have to attend?” or “This meeting was really boring, I am not sure I will attend next week” And yet meetings are a necessity for all entities, and should not be avoided. There are however good practices that can help reduce this feeling of “wasted time”.
Career · 29. August 2018
Our ten tips to improve your career opportunities & development.
Best Practices · 03. August 2018
When working on projects, Document Control is one of the roles that help control the project and help monitor its progress. It is therefore an essential function to the Project Management team, providing them with the key performance indicators of the documentation.
training · 03. August 2018
It would probably be a mistake to think that learning is only something we do between childhood and the early 20's. Actually learning throughout one’s life improves not only on the personal development side but also helps generate better opportunities for oneself and increases competitiveness.
Career · 03. August 2018
It is unfortunately a finding that many Document Control professionals have come to make: our discipline is not well known and understood. This leads to countless misunderstandings and misinterpretations of what the profession is about, what the role is about and what its focus should be.
Career · 22. February 2018
Managing one’s own career is extremely important in order to get good job opportunities, increase salary or move to a new position. However, very few people initially think actively about managing their career. And yet, it is one of the most powerful methods that one can use for career progression.
Career · 14. November 2017
Although it seems like an obvious and clear career progression, being a team leader or a manager is very different from being a Document Controller (even a senior one). This article explains the steps to successfully move up to a Lead or Manager position.
Career · 20. April 2017
What does a Document Controller do? Where can we find Document Control jobs? What are the qualities required? What are the possible career evolutions?
Career · 19. April 2017
Find out how to become a Document Controller and how to further your career in the Document Control profession.

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