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Best Practices · 24. August 2022
Peace in the Office: Myth or Reality?
Now that, in many regions around the world, the pandemic has stabilised, we are back in the office and we realise with shock that we have to learn to work together again, in the same office space. Here are 7 tips on how to maintain peace in the office.
Career · 05. November 2021
How to be more credible in meetings
Meetings are an interesting moment in the workplace because not only they can be a great forum to share progress, accomplishments, issues and concerns, but they are also a place where you can shine and build a strong professional image. Or on the contrary, if it is not handled properly, your credibility can go down quite quickly. So what to do to be more credible in meetings?
Career · 05. November 2021
Gift to self: End of year career review
The end of the year is a natural time for reflection: what have I accomplished this year? What am I most proud of? What are my goals for next year? Too often, we tend to jump from one year to another without really taking the time to take a step back and reflect. So why not make a special gift to yourself in the end of year period and offer yourself a career self-review?
Best Practices · 05. November 2021
Top FREE resources for Document Controllers
Document Control is a profession where it is important to know the what (tasks), the how (processes & tools), the why (values, ethics, reasons), the who (roles and responsibilities). There is a lot to learn and continuous learning and continuous improvement really differentiates between Document Control professionals and others. There are a lot of free resources out there that you can use to either improve your awareness or improve your skills.
Career · 05. November 2021
New to Document Control? A way forward
The Document Control profession attracts newcomers every year, and there’s no wonder why: it’s a really interesting position, at the heart of efficiency, quality, traceability. It is also really varied as you can work in many different industries, projects, environments, and locations: there are Document Control professionals in all countries. However, it is a profession that cannot be improvised, especially as there are rules to be followed, reasons for these rules, and values to be protect
Career · 05. November 2021
How to improve your LinkedIn profile
LinkedIn has become a centrepiece in career development especially when looking for new opportunities. However, it is important to make sure your profile is neat and inviting, especially as most employers will review it before inviting you to an interview. Here are a few tips to improve your online presence.
Career · 06. August 2021
How to become a Manager? The career fast-track
Becoming a manager and being successful in that position might be possible sooner than you think. There are tips that you should know to fast track your career towards management.
Best Practices · 12. July 2021
Do your users read your weekly statistics & reports?
If you publish a weekly report pertaining to documentation, you have a weekly opportunity to add value to the work of your interfaces and users. If you do not yet produce weekly reports, it is advised to consider introducing this practice. Weekly reports are meant to provide valuable information to their readers, wherever they sit in the organisation chart.
Career · 12. July 2021
Bouncing back with the world economy - Tips to stand out on the job market
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the world economy has suffered a lot. Many activity sectors have been dormant and, this has resulted in job losses. However, it appears that the second quarter of 2021 marks a change of trend in the economy: an increasing number of activity sectors are back in action, and this creates an economic dynamic that may be favourable to Document Control professionals. No one can say if it is a long-term trend, but it is visible enough to be noticed.
Career · 12. July 2021
The Document Control Recognition Paradox
For Document Control professionals, the path to recognition can be tortuous. There can be many odds to fight against: organisation culture, lack of awareness of the role of DC, perception that DC represents unnecessary bureaucracy, low or no support from hierarchy, and more. None of those fights are easy, but the ownership of the fight lies with Document Control itself.

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