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Career · 06. August 2021
How to become a Manager? The career fast-track
Becoming a manager and being successful in that position might be possible sooner than you think. There are tips that you should know to fast track your career towards management.
Best Practices · 22. February 2018
Electronic signature and its legal and contractual validity is a hot subject in many countries, industries and companies. For long, it was some kind of grey area, where there was no clear law or ruling about its validity, leaving many companies in doubt. There are however a growing number of countries implementing laws or ruli
Career · 15. February 2018
Is efficiency a luxury or a necessity? Many professionals do not appear to realise that a lack of efficiency is costly to their company and may in fact directly threaten their job.
Career · 14. November 2017
Although it seems like an obvious and clear career progression, being a team leader or a manager is very different from being a Document Controller (even a senior one). This article explains the steps to successfully move up to a Lead or Manager position.
18. August 2016
How to tackle challenges to email management and tracking, in order to ensure traceability and efficiency.