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Best Practices · 22. February 2018
Electronic signature and its legal and contractual validity is a hot subject in many countries, industries and companies. For long, it was some kind of grey area, where there was no clear law or ruling about its validity, leaving many companies in doubt. There are however a growing number of countries implementing laws or ruli
Safety · 14. February 2018
As a Document Control professional, it is important to know a few high-profile stories involving Document Control, in order to communicate about the importance of the profession. In this article, discover how Document Control can help in times of severe crisis.
10. April 2017
How to determine the retention time for documents and records? What means are required for maintaining the company's records?
Best Practices · 13. July 2016
We can never emphasize enough the need for checklists in the Document Control Profession. For example, a key document that every Document Control team should share is a Quality Checklist for documents.