Checklists: An essential tool for Document Controllers

We can never emphasize enough the need for checklists in the Document Control Profession.


For example, a key document that every Document Control team should share is a Quality Checklist for documents.


Document Controllers check the compliance, quality, consistency of documents


Document Controllers are indeed in charge of checking the compliance, quality, consistency of documents in their project / department / company (you can read more about what is Document Control here, and what are the duties and tasks of a Document Controller here).


Although this is the basis of our discipline, you will find that not everybody works in the same way, especially when it comes to Quality Checks. 



For more efficiency, client companies can even share this checklist with their contractors and suppliers so that they perform the same checks prior to issuing documents.


In the battle for quality and consistency, checklists are definitely great tools, if not “weapons”, to reach our goals and maintain our values.


Reducing errors and avoiding inconsistencies

In many cases even if you give the same document to 10 Document Controllers for quality checks, they  will all come back with a different list of errors and discrepancies.


This variation is something we want to avoid in Document Control. Two of the values we must focus on are indeed consistency and quality (read more on the values of Document Control here


This means that the end-product must be consistently the same, regardless of the person who processed it. 


Within a same the project / department / company, documents must all be checked with the same method.


Checklists are essential tools to ensure quality, reliability, compliance and consistency


A great and efficient way to achieve this is through checklists: for example, by having a common checklist listing out all the checks to be done by Document Controllers on documents: 

  • Prior to registering a new revision
  • Prior to sending a document outside the company
  • Upon receipt of an incoming transmittal package
  • Etc. 

Example of a DC checklist

Objectives of the Document Control Checklist


The checklist will ensure that everyone covers the same checks, and this regardless of whoever is in charge of the checks.



It is also a great way to train new comers about the level of quality expected from them.


Consepsys has developped a template of Document Control Checklist, which can be downloaded from here. It's a great starting point if you do not have one already, but it's also great to check that your own checklist is comprehensive.


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Need a Standard Document Control Checklist?

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  • #1

    karina.stavenes@gmail.com (Sunday, 12 August 2018 17:12)

    This is so true. Thank you for a very good post. As a Lead Document Controller, I´ve developed checklists for my team, not only separate ones for checking documents and drawings prior to sending transmittals, but also, for setting up new projects. To be honest with you, I find that my managers love them, because they save us whenever we get audited, so they need to be in place, but as you rightly say, people work differently, and they get ignored. So I hear about mistakes and oversights on a daily basis. It´s very frustrating, to stay the least. I´ve been doing this for well over 11 years, so I feel your pain.

  • #2

    SAMANTHA GARZA (Tuesday, 04 September 2018 22:48)

    I would like to purchase this and any and all Document Control check lists your company may have. But i need to know How much they cost in US Dollars and where I can purchase.
    Thank you in advance,
    Samantha Garza