Roadmap for implementing Document Control

How to make sure your Document Control system is complete. How to enhance your current system? How to implement a new system?


When it comes to a Document Control system, we tend to forget how many activities and items are to be taken into account. We've  created a roadmap that can be used to assess your current Document Control system or in implementing a new system.

Indeed, a Document Control system is not only a procedure or a software package. It is much more than that. It should at least cover the following:

  • Strategy: What is the Company’s strategy in terms of Document Control? Which department should work with DC? Which category of documents?
  • Documenting the rules: Procedures, Instructions to Contractors, etc.
  • Document Lifecycle: What is the lifecycle for internal documents? For external documents?
  • DC Processes: Who does what and when, when it comes to creating documents, modifying documents, etc.
  • Electronic Documents Filing: Which file plan? Where do we file documents? How?
  • Hardcopy Documents Filing: Where? How? What are the requirements?
  • Information Security: Who can see documents? Which information must be restricted?
  • Tools: Registers, checklists, distribution matrices, templates.
  • Resources: Resource plan, job description, roles & responsibilities, skills management.
  • Awareness about Document Control in the Company.
  • Induction: How to make sure that every DC and every user knows about the rules, the tools, the processes.
We have created a complete roadmap to give you food for thought regarding your current system. 

Download the roadmap

Adobe Acrobat Document 137.3 KB

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