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Career · 15. February 2018
Is efficiency a luxury or a necessity? Many professionals do not appear to realise that a lack of efficiency is costly to their company and may in fact directly threaten their job.
Safety · 14. February 2018
As a Document Control professional, it is important to know a few high-profile stories involving Document Control, in order to communicate about the importance of the profession. In this article, discover how Document Control can help in times of severe crisis.
Career · 19. April 2017
Find out how to become a Document Controller and how to further your career in the Document Control profession.
10. April 2017
How to determine the retention time for documents and records? What means are required for maintaining the company's records?
13. March 2017
How to avoid recurrent Document Control Problems Typical recurrent problems include: disagreement between client and contractor (or sub-contractor / suppliers) about document standards (e.g. numbering, revision system, template, format, etc.), disagreement on the delivery methods (electronic / hardcopy, by email, through EDMS), disagreement on format of As-Built documents, etc.
Best Practices · 22. May 2015
How to make sure your Document Control system is complete. How to enhance your current system? How to implement a new system? When it comes to a Document Control system, we tend to forget how many activities and items are to be taken into account. We've created a roadmap that can be used to assess your current Document Control system or in implementing a new system.